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Promotional eBlast Information

Submit the following information to Dana Wisniewski at

  • Artwork made using the guidelines below

  • Subject heading

  • Sender name (e.g. Company name)

    • (Sender name will display as "CiDA on behalf of _______")

  • Date and time of send

    • Note that Tuesdays and Saturdays are booked through mid-December, 2021. ​

    • Please allow at least one week to set-up and test email. 

  • Email addresses of people who should receive the test message

Guidelines for Custom Code Emails

  • Please note: CiDA uses Constant Contact to send out the eBlasts. 

  • Please submit a responsive HTML emailer, as we simply copy the "view page source" information and insert this into Constant Contact's custom code feature. 

  • View Constant Contact guidelines for custom code emails.

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