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The PodCASE Recap

A PodWHAT? Let us explain. Due to the pandemic, we took a different approach in 2020.


CiDA stayed committed to holding its annual meeting in 2020. It was delivered online via a series of weekly, one hour live PodCASES presented over 6 weeks.

The experience remained controversial, fun, and relevant. We've recorded the live CiDA 2020 PodCASES for you to access anytime. 

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Controversial & Fun?!

The Controversies in Dialysis Access (CiDA) meeting is the leading educational forum for surgeons, radiologists, nephrologists and medical staff who care for dialysis access patients.


We embrace controversy, reject bias and invite input from faculty and attendees alike. This is what sets CiDA apart.

CiDA was founded on the belief that medical education must also be entertaining and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for details on CiDA 2021 (tentatively scheduled for October 2021) to be available this summer.

2020 Sponsors

Looking for Online CMEs?


Seeking CME credits? CiDA can help by directing you to Kidney Academy where you can access online, ACCME-accredited modules for topics covered in this year's PodCASEs.


Kidney Academy is an non-profit online community dedicated to dialysis access education and collaboration. Kidney Academy offers ACCME-accredited modules and an online discussion forum. Join in the discussion with your multidisciplinary colleagues across the globe.

FREE CME MODULE: The 3-credit online Module 8, Dialysis Access Steal Syndrome (DASS), is FREE for a limited time. ($150 value.)

HOW TO ACCESS: Simply REGISTER (it's free), then click on LEARN: CME MODULES.

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